Learning Services

NIL Middle East exclusive delivery arm of NIL Learning in the Middle East.
NIL Learning is Platinum Cisco Learning Partner for more 30 years of successful partnership

Professional Services and Consulting

Project Scoping

Each customer, vertical industry, and region have different requirements and expectations. Each environment into which a change is being introduced is a result of years of development and organic evolution. Most inquiries are not specified in detail, which is why the project scoping process is one of close collaboration between the customer and our IT architects and engineers. Together, we can clearly define your requirements and develop an optimal project plan, which defines all subsequent actions and project phases.

System Design

Whether you are improving your network, data centers, or security, strategic project scoping requires professional design and architecture. This is the phase in the project where business challenges and the agreed project scope are translated into a clear image of all the nuts and bolts, and how they interact with each other.


Our core focus on system implementation allows us to execute complex projects such as data center development and migration, network service orchestration, segment routing, network function virtualization, cloud service automation, secure mobility and collaboration, and many more for the most demanding customers regardless of geography.

Support and Operations

We support our customers' IT environments in some of the most complex and demanding environments. Our SLAs include 24/7 response teams, remote and off-site assistance, zero-loss business recovery processes, and ongoing education and development arrangements. We provide each customer with the level of support their business and IT infrastructure requires to deliver the performance their business needs.

Knowledge Transfer

We are a globally recognized learning partner for several technology giants. Our learning division both educates the market on new and existing technical skills and develops comprehensive educational workshops to support our project execution. Training and learning combine our expertise with internal knowledge of the customers, allowing us to deploy the most reliable long-term solutions possible.

Managed Services


  • Bridge the gap, shall the customer face a shortage in any ICT field
  • SME Consultants Engineers, SW developers Remote dedicated resource
  • Remote and or/on-site dedicated resource
  • Part time or full time
  • English speaking only or English/Arabic speaking resource